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Ignite Promotional Coaching is the only way to go! After I got the results from the the written test i didn’t know where to begin to prepare for the oral. I went to Chief Coltre and his team at Ignite because of their long track record of getting results. The one on one sessions with Captain J Martucci prepared me for any scenario they could throw you. They covered everything from how to take notes, to time management and oral communication.You just need to apply yourself! My family and I thank you!
Scott... Trenton, NJ - 2019

I contacted Chief Coltre when I signed up for the deputy chief exam and it was a great move for my career. The one on one attention I received for the 3 months I had to prepare was absolutely the reason I scored number 1 on my exam. Any time I had a question, Steve was a phone call or text away. The personal sessions made the programs easy to learn and understand. I took other test prep courses for past exams with other companies and I did not get the same type of coaching or scores as I did with Ignite. I appreciate the effort and education I received from the Ignite team....you won't be disappointed with Ignite.
Jason... Hamilton District 2 - 2017

OMG Ignite. You guys are Amazing!!! Without your help and your program I would not have made #1 in Harrison and the best score in the state. I don't know if it was the program in itself or the personalized attention that did it, but it worked. John Martucci was a great coach, week after week it dragged on and yet he pushed me to do better. He held me accountable to make sure I did what I was supposed to. It was nice once in a while to switch out with Steve Coltre the originator, as it was a gut check for me. I can't say enough about the one on one attention and coaching. The final days of encouragement that kept me engaged and moving forward to the finish line. Not just in class but via phone calls and text messages, even after the test when I was beating myself up. The words of encouragement meant a lot, LOL and you were right I did fine, I did better than fine I came out #1. The program works!!! Steve and John thank you again and keep helping get firefighters promoted.
Steve... Harrison - 2017

Working with Ignite was second to none. They take your knowledge and give you the tools and confidence to succeed. I was amazed by the one on one attention and their dedication to my success. You won't find another prep company like Ignite and their results speak for themselves. They are a big reason I came out number #1
Ryan... Hamilton District 2 - 2017

Ignite Promotional Coaching was suggested by my senior firefighter on my shift for the 2nd level Supervisor exam. When I first went to Chief Coltre my oral were all over the place and I didn't explain things properly as I knew them. I was taught and showed how to speak and explain properly for the exam. Chief stuck with me through thick and thin with what was going on in personal life. That meant a lot to me because he cared about my life not just the test. We spent numerous hours together, even through other communications such as phone calls, txts and emails. He was always just a call away when there were questions. Ignite Promotional Coaching was the best thing that I could have used to pass my exam. I came out #1 for my department and can't thank Chief enough for the help and assistance. I would definitely encourage others to use Ignite Promotional Coaching for any test preparation. Thanks again!!!!!
Keith... Bordentown - Spring 2017

#1 in the state should be enough said about Chief Coltre and the Ignite Team but that does not even begin to describe the commitment you get when you work with Ignite Promotional Coaching. From the written test preparation classes to the oral scenario preparation if you are willing to put in the WORK and TIME then Ignite will deliver the results. With 24 years in the fire service I have tried many other programs and nobody can deliver the personal attention and dedication you get from working with Chief Coltre and his TEAM. With Ignite Promotional Coaching you are more than just a number in a large room, you are part of the TEAM. Thank you, Steve for helping me score #1 and all 5’s on the 2nd Level Supervisor(Captains) exam.
Chris... Passaic Fire Deparmtnet - Spring 2017

If you're serious about getting promoted, Ignite Promotional Coaching is the best investment you can make. With the guidance and experience of Steve, his team and your hard work, it's a guarantee that not only you'll pass your test but increase your score. I came out number 2 in my city thanks to Ignite Promotional Coaching.
Gregory... Bordentown - Spring 2017

AS I prepared for my second attempt at the 1st level supervisor exam, it became obvious that I needed additional help and preparation. The test was no longer a trial run for test experience. The coaching I received from Ignite promotional team, especially Capt. Martucci was impeccable. The coaching team helped me put the information I had been studying into the best possible format for a comfortable presentation. I am thankful for all the time and help the Ignite team provided. They are the reason I scored #1. Thanks Ignite.
Mike B... Hamilton District 6 - 2017

This was my first promotional test that I was eligible take, and I had no idea what to prepare for. I was directed to Chief Coltre and his Ignite Promotional Coaching program. With only having 5 years on at the time and being in the lowest seniority of my department, Chief Coltre took me on as his student. With his personal one-on-one teaching and dedication to his students, Chief Coltre molds/prepares you to the fullest of your ability. With that being said, as of May 1, 2017 I will be promoted to Lieutenant. Without Chief Coltre and his Ignite Promotional Coaching program, this would have not happened this early in my career. Thank you Chief Coltre. If you want to be promoted and are looking for a coaching program to help you, don't pass this up. You will not be disappointed.
Carl... Linden - Spring 2017

By choosing Chief Coltre and the Ignite team I couldn't come more prepared on test day. Any scenario you could possibly think of, I was ready for, thanks to the information and programs that were broken down. The hours dedicated to my one on one time we're endless and if I needed help with a specific program Ignite Team was always there for an additional session to work on it. There is no doubt in my mind, no one else could get me more prepared. Sign up and get on the Ignite Team!!!
Jarred... Hamilton District 2 - 2017

I worked with Chief Coltre for the both the Captain's promotional exam and the Chief's promotional exam, ranking # 7 and #1, respectively. I have found that the information Ignite provides is not only useful for the exam, but also on the job. Their instruction is thorough, and while it's not easy, it's worth it. There are no shortcuts. With only so many months to prepare, how you spend that time is crucial. Ignites attention to detail, availability to answer questions and provide feedback, and personal connection is the best method of preparation. I highly recommend the Ignite team to anyone seriously looking to advance his/her career.
Todd... Trenton BC - 2016

Ignite coaching team is the reason I got all fives on my oral exam. There programs gave me a foundation to apply standard responses, identify correct responses from scenario information and the ability to communicate that to the accessors. I can honestly say my tutor was there every step of the way keeping me motivated and focused. I called my coach almost everyday with questions. This is not easy, I worked my ass off but I achieved my goal, all 5s, a perfect score. If you can get into the Ignite private coaching program, they don't take everybody, jump at the chance its worth every penny!!
Ken ... Trenton Fire Department

Choosing Chief Coltre and the Ignite coaching team was the best decision of my career. They broke down the entire test and simplified every portion. There is no doubt I wouldn't have gotten the best score in the state. The amount of 1 on 1 time they spend allows them to not only cover the main objectives of the test but to perfect the little things that pay off big in the end, such as note taking, highlighting and eye contact. There comprehensive program is a winner and my test result of 98.080 is proof. If I were you, I would get on the Ignite team now!!!
John ... Trenton Fire Department

When I first went to Ignite Promotional Coaching I had no organization, no confidence and I sound horrible. I stuttered my way through the first scenario. I was seriously ready to give up. They promised if I did what they asked of me, in a week I would be a lot better and I was. Twelve weeks later, not only was I on point with the material, I sounded great. I could look at the questions and tell you exactly how long each response should be. That enabled me to know right where I was on time management after every question. There is no doubt why I got a perfect score, Ignite Promotional Coaching!!!!
Mark... Trenton Fire Department

I had taken 6 promotional exams throughout my career and never finished in the top 20. This was my last chance before retirement and I was excited to join the Ignite team. The information they taught was perfect for a DOP exam and helped me score a 93.730. I would recommend Ignite to anyone who is serious about getting promoted.
Mark... Trenton Fire Department

The man just knows his stuff how else can I put it? No tap dancing around, he gives you exactly what you need to know. I was a first time test taker and had no idea what was coming my way. After this program I scored an easy 5 in every category. I never felt nervous or unprepared, if your serious about this test you need this program.
Vincent... Jersey City FD

I went from #54 studying on my own to #3 with Steve's help. I had all the information, Steve showed me how to organize it and present it in the best possible way.
David... Trenton Fire Department

If you want to have the advantage in such a competitive examination process, you have to choose Ignite promotional coaching. With only 5 years of experience, I did not feel I was ready for the such a challenging and competitive testing process. In a very short period of time, the Ignite coaching team had me prepared to tackle any scenario that was presented to me. With easy to learn programs and constant tutoring and guidance, I was more than prepared and extremely confident on test day. If you want to have the competitive edge on test day, you have to go with Ignite Promotional Coaching.
Hiram... Trenton Fire Department

I feel it was a great decision choosing Chief Coltre and his Ignite Promotional team. I'm in my 25th year and have taken numerous promotional test and never broke into the top 20. I came out # 2 with a score of 95.890 on the current list. Chief Coltre put me on point and was always in touch with support. I was able to reach out to him with questions that he had answers for right away. So if you want to climb the ladder in you career I highly recommend The Ignite promotional Coaching Team.
John... Trenton Fire Department

All the coaching and mentoring you need, Ignite can provide. He is very knowledgeable and organized, with a good program to be able to perform at any scenario imaginable. Thanks to Ignite my score went from # 50 to #5. I recommend it to anyone trying to get promoted in such competitive testing process. Even if you think you know the material, the program helps you get those extra points that can make the difference.
Carlos... Trenton Fire Department

If you are serious about getting promoted Ignite Promotional Coaching is the only choice to make. I was a first time test taker, nervous, and unaware of the testing process. Ignite promotional coaching takes time to individually instruct you on various programs and test taking techniques. By test day I had complete confidence in myself and what I needed to do to score well. I received a perfect score on my oral exam. If not for the Ignite Promotional Coaching staff there is no way that would've been possible. Make an investment in yourself and choose Ignite Promotional Coaching.
Shaun... Trenton Fire Department

The books are read and now you have to get the information out and organized in the time allotted. Scenario breakdown, organization, thought processing, and time management are 4 keys to scoring high. Ignite Promotional will do just that. The only nervousness you will have before the Oral Exam is "What are they going to ask." Do it for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!! You might be competitive, but an edge can possibly keep you from hanging on a list. Advance your career and call Ignite Promotional Coaching.
Vincent... Trenton Fire Department

Let’s face the facts; none of us likes to take a test especially an oral one. Working with Chief Coltre from Ignite Promotional Coaching fully prepared me to take the DOP test. I was armed with the knowledge and skills to confidently and intelligently answer questions for any scenario given. The focus on utilizing provided formulas, following his instructions and time management skills were second to none. The multiple one on one performance coaching sessions and take home homework definitely helped to keep me motivated. On behalf of myself and my family a sincere heartfelt thank you go out to Chief Coltre. If you are serious about getting promoted then Ignite Promotional Coaching is for you.
Kevin... Captain, Trenton Fire Department

I attended a lot of so called test experts and as far as I'm concerned no one can touch Ignite Promotional Coaching. When I first got there he broke the orientation guide down, from there he show me how to organize my note and lastly the literature he gave me made the oral very easy for me. The last thing I have to say is if you need them they are a phone call away Thank you.
Robert... Trenton Fire Department

I'm in my 28th year and have taken numerous promotional tests and never broke into the top 20. Chief Coltre and the Ignite team gave me the tools and confidence I needed to succeed. His one on one training was on point with what I needed to know to get a score of 94.760 on the Captain’s exam. I’m very thankful I chose Ignite Promotional Coaching.
Bill... Trenton Fire Department

Chief Coltre gave me the skills and confidence that prepared me for the Lieutenant test. The review materials he supplied gave me an edge above the rest, I highly recommend Ignite Promotions coaching to anyone trying to advance their career in the fire department. The investment is well worth it. Once again thank you Chief Coltre.
Rob... Lawrence Twp