Steven Coltre

My name is Steven Coltre and I am the lead instructor at Ignite Promotional Coaching. I am currently a Deputy Chief in the city of Trenton and had ranked # 1 on my promotional exam. The last 10 years, both as a Captain and then ultimately a Battalion Chief, I have been coaching and mentoring members of my department and surrounding area departments in excelling in their promotional exams. I have developed a trusting relationship with the Trenton fire department members on and off the fire ground. I work together with my students on a daily basis to make sure they are extremely prepared. I believe strongly in communication and I encourage my students to contact me with questions. It confirms they are putting in the time it takes to be successful. This kind of access is one of the reasons my students excel. I pride myself on dealing with individuals, not numbers, which has been part of our winning formula. I am pleased to know I have helped guide and mentor over 25% of the 44 Trenton Fire Captains. This percentage is expected to grow as much as another 20% as a result of our top performers on the current list (see results page). My team and I look forward to getting to know you, working with and coaching you to ignite your career.

Stay safe,
Battalion Chief Steven Coltre

John Martucci

My name is John Martucci and I am one of the instructors at Ignite Promotional Coaching.  I have earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Delaware and I am currently a Captain for the City of Trenton.  After working with Chief Coltre,  I not only came out #1 on my promotional list, but I finished with the highest score in the state of N.J.  I am a firm believer that hard work, sacrifice and dedication will lead to success.  Ignite Promotional Coaching shares these same beliefs and that is why I became a member of the Ignite team.  I am confident that if you are willing to make the commitment to our team, our proven system can help you achieve your goals and Ignite your career.

Captain John Martucci